Sport elastic: the ultimate attribute for a beginner athlete

You could be at the start of your sports career. This means that you may be full of questions, such as ‘how exactly does everything work and where do I start?’. We will answer this question for you today, by explaining everything about sports elastics. So let’s get to it quickly!

The sports elastic

Are you looking for a way to train for beautiful buttocks and legs? Firm glutes and a better posture in general? A sports elastic is all you need! As a beginning athlete, you may not have had a sports elastic in your hands before. Or maybe you have had it in your hands but did not have a clue what to do with it? You can trust us: sports elastics are your best friend during your booty training. A sports elastic (or sports band or glute band) quickly initiates muscle contractions and ensures that you will achieve results in no time! But, why is this ideal for a starting athlete? Sports elastics are surprisingly effective and easy to use. That means stronger muscles in no time.

Reasons to use a sports elastic

In addition to the advantages just mentioned, a sports elastic has many more good reasons to be used in training sessions. We've highlighted a few for you:

  • With a sports elastic present in your bag you will much faster find an opportunity to do a booty workout. With this little attribute you can do that anywhere! In the park, in front of the TV or during your break at work: it's all possible! There are people who use the bands during office hours, under the desk from their chair ;-). Booty bands are effective and in addition to that, our bands are incredibly easy to use. They offer perfect resistance, are made of soft fabric and have a unique closing clamp what we call ‘the Buckle’. This is very effective and easy to apply in your workout routine. It makes it possible to do a good booty workout anywhere you want. From now on, there is little stopping you.
  • Sport elastics carry little risk. This is in contrast to training with weights or dumbbells. This is because of the greater risk of straining a muscle when the weight is held out of balance. In addition, you don't have to worry about your toes in case of dropping a dumbbell ;-)
  • Resistance bands offer a lot of room for progression and are therefore ideal for beginning athletes. Although there are a lot of professional athletes that are using them, the bands will support you even better when you become an experienced athlete. Sports elastics are great for every athlete at any level; just take more resistance and repetitions than the other. Varying between levels of resistance without losing too much momentum. That is how booty gains are created!

The Booty and the Burning Buckle

For good reasons there are some athletes that don’t like the use of an sports elastic. Rolling up rubber band causes irritation, or they don't like having to interrupt exercises to remove the elastic. Working your feet through a small band is just a hassle. We offer the perfect solution for that: the Burning Buckle and the Booty Buckle. The great thing about our booty bands is that they have a closing system like a clamp; this makes the difficult entry a thing of the past. You no longer have to step into the band, but you can quickly and easily sling the band around your legs. Clamp it tight and go! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Another reason to use them: the booty bands are made of soft fabric; which prevents skin irritation and rolling up. The silicone grip edges keep the bands in place. With these resistance bands you will never have to skip a workout again. Apart from strength training it is also ideal when you combine it with cardio to get a HIT High intensity Training.

The resistance bands come in sets of two. This way they offer a lot of room for progression. In one set, both bands have the same circumference in length, but one offers more resistance than the other. This ensures you can vary and combine endlessly. Do you want to buy a sports elastic? Then take a look at our webshop and choose which one suites you best: the Booty Buckle or Burning Buckle.