This is why you need a better resistance band!

You see more and more people using a resistance band. But if you ask me: it's still too little! Strong glutes are more important than you may think. Because we sit a lot, at home on the couch or at the office, your glutes are not trained enough. This is unfortunate, because strengthening your glutes improves your posture and reduces the risk of injuries to your knees or lower back, among other things. There are plenty of reasons to avoid the "regular" resistance band. In this blog we explain the possibilities with a next gen resistance band. We will also mention a few exercises that you can perform well with a resistance band. So read quickly!

A resistance band is for everyone

The resistance bands are also called resistance bands, gym bands, booty bands or fitness elastics. Some people think that resistance bands are only for beginning athletes. However, this is not the case, because professional athletes also use them a lot and for good reason! Resistance bands induce perfect muscle contraction. This allows you to train your glutes and/or leg muscles very specifically. Ideal if you think a toned lower body is important! You can use resistance bands for various gluteal and leg exercises. That is why we offer our booty bands in sets of two. The length of the band is what makes the difference between them. Ideal for when you want to challenge yourself more. For example, the short band is perfect if you want to do heavy exercises such as deadlifts or squats from a standing position, for example.

Next gen booty band

The average resistance band often offers little comfort. They are often made of rubber, and slide or roll up. And it takes time to get in. Our booty bands are made of a high quality soft textile by and for athletes. After a period of development, a lot of testing and production, we entered the market with the Burning Buckle and the Booty Buckle. You will not find better booty bands. They are truly one of a kind. They are equipped with a unique clip. This allows you to easily open and close the resistance band. Trust us: there is no more effective sports item that is as easy to use as our booty bands.

Exercises fitness elastic

Our booty bands are all you need if you want to train your lower body effectively. It used to be thought that you could strengthen the back by training the abdominal muscles. Now it turns out that you mainly have to train your glutes to relieve your back. These elastics are perfect to train your buttocks and thereby strengthen your back. There are many exercises you can perform.

The perfect resistance band for every situation

We offer the Booty Buckle and the Burning Buckle, two resistance bands that you don't have to step into, but you can easily put around your legs and close. Our booty bands are offered in sets of two, containing two different lengths. The easy closing-clip prevents possible skin irritation, and you can easily and quickly change the band(s). This means you don't have to miss your (combination) training. How nice is that?!

When you feel the need for cardio and for example you started with the red Booty Buckle and you are approaching fatigue of your muscles, you can quickly switch to the pink version. That way you can do those few extra reps! The other way around is also possible. When you start with the pink buckle but just want to create extra muscle fatigue, you can quickly switch to the shorter red Booty Buckle for the last repetitions. Everything to make that extra muscle contraction possible. Our resistance bands are convenient to carry and can be used anywhere. Turn your parking space at work or the lawn next to school into a sports field and get to work!