Emily Bitton - Lead Programmer

Hi! My name is Emily and I´m the owner of The Web PT, an online training app, that takes a holistic approach to help you reach your health and fitness goals. I´ll explain a little more about my app in a moment, first, I´ll take this opportunity to explain a little about how I got to launching my fitness app back in 2021.

Throughout my life, sports and fitness have been engrained in my identity. From the age of 6-21, I was competing at a high level in Badminton, and at around 19 I got into gym training because I wanted to supplement my agility with strength! This is when I began my self-taught journey to strength training. Meanwhile, I decided to end my badminton career and take up boxing instead! I wanted something that made me feel more empowered, something I could develop my discipline with and additionally, I wanted an independent sport that could allow me to be accountable. This was the best decision I made because now, Muay Thai boxing is the biggest part of my identity.

But how did I start my fitness business?

Back in the pandemic in 2020, I took the great opportunity to study to become a personal trainer. In not too long, I obtained an NVQ advanced diploma in nutrition, personal training and finally fitness instruction. this was a game changer for me because I was now able to forge my future how I wanted. I opened up my first business, Fitness Guaro, which was a fitness and boxing boot camp in the tiny village I was living in in Spain. When the time was right, I moved my work down to the bigger city of Marbella, where I could expand my clientele and get to meet hundreds of other awesome people looking to change their lives.

When I started tracking client progress, I was using pen and paper. As clients started to stack up, I decided I needed a solution that would not only benefit my organisation but also allow clients to visualise their progress and key milestones over time. This is when my app The Web PT was developed, and since then, my client's progress has gone through leaps and bounds!

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What I´ve learnt over the years, is that everybody requires a different approach to training, some need more enforcement and structure, and others need more guidance. I´ve studied behavioural change extensively and incorporated some key methods into my online training programs, which have been transformative to my client's outlooks on training, nutrition and even aspects of their personal lives.

I´m grateful for the lessons and discipline I´ve learned throughout my years in the sporting and fitness world, and I am so lucky to be able to share the knowledge and techniques with hundreds of people from around the world.

By signing up to The Web PT, you can benefit from a tailored training plan, which is bespoke to you and your environment, or reap the rewards of a pre-built program, which is designed with your demographic in mind. To narrow that down further, I partnered up with the innovative gym band that opens to create 3 exciting online training plans: Senior Strong, Band Sculpt and Bump Fit! The Gym Band product is a game changer, as it allows those with limited mobility to partake in strength exercises they wouldn´t be able to do otherwise. It´s also great for the general population who find it annoying to have to step in and out of resistance bands in between each use.


The Three Programs

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Bump Fit

Introducing “Bump Fit” – the ultimate 6-week online pre-natal wellness program, delivered through TheWebPT App. This specially crafted program is designed to keep expectant mothers fit, healthy, and happy throughout their pregnancy journey. “Bump Fit” combines a series of safe and effective bodyweight exercises with the innovative “Gymbandthatopens” product, ensuring a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for all moms-to-be.

Our program includes a complimentary nutrition plan that empowers you to make nourishing food choices, supporting not only your physic al health but also the well-being of your growing baby.

And the best part? You can enjoy the entire “Bump Fit” experience from the comfort of your own home. No need to leave your sanctuary or travel to a gym – we bring the fitness journey right to your doorstep.

With “Bump Fit,” you can embrace this beautiful phase of motherhood with strength, confidence, and a sense of fulfillment. Let’s begin this exciting chapter together!

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Senior Strong

Join "Senior Strong" - the dynamic 6-week online exercise program by TheWebPT App. Specifically designed with seniors in mind, this program introduces you to a series of safe and efficient bodyweight exercises and the revolutionary "Gymbandthatopens" product.

By purchasing the Senior Strong product, you gain access to a schedule of workouts with instructional videos and text guidance, bespoke to your fitness level. Reap the rewards of a fit and active lifestyle from the comfort of your home, all you need is your phone or tablet, an exercise mat and some water!

Embrace your inner strength and improve vitality and overall well-being with "Senior Strong" and TheWebPT App.

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Band Sculpt

Join "Band Sculpt" - the dynamic 6-week online training program by TheWebPT App and The Band That Opens. Band Sculpt introduces you to an array of bodyweight exercises and resistance exercises using the revolutionary "Gymbandthatopens" product.

By purchasing the Band Sculpt product, you gain access to a schedule of workouts with instructional videos and text guidance, bespoke to your fitness level. Reap the rewards of a fit and active lifestyle from the comfort of your home, all you need is your phone or tablet, an exercise mat and some water!

Improve your strength, build your fitness and improve vitality and overall well-being with "Band Sculpt" and TheWebPT App.

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So how can you get hold of your own Gym Band That Opens? Follow the link below and use the code WEBPT10 for a 10% discount


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