Do's and don'ts when using a Buckle fitness elastic

Do you spend most of your (working)days sitting behind a desk or in a car? In that case there is a very big chance that you do not have strong glutes. Weak glutes can cause poor posture and strain on the back muscles. Whether you dream of Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian's famous derriere, this fitness elastic will help you make the difference! The purchase of the Buckle gym band is one you will certainly not regret. Now that you've taken this step into the right direction, you probably can't wait to get started with this fitness elastic. In this blog we share the most important do's and don'ts when it comes to using a gym band. This means: a strong back and nice full buttocks. These two elements ensure a better posture and you immediately radiate more self-confidence. So start booking training results quickly!


Challenge yourself

With our Buckle fitness elastics a perfect resistance is created, making exercises very effective. Examples of that effectiveness are the squat walk or booty pull. At first glance, these booty exercises are not very effective for you, but thanks to the support of this gym band; you support your knees and get the most out of your workout, because glutes will suffer fatigue earlier. By challenging yourself with our booty bands, your buttocks and thighs will be more toned in no time.

Train where you want


Gym bands are small and light, making them easy to take them with you wherever you go. So, why wouldn’t you grab one on the go? By bringing a resistance band along in your bag, you can turn the lawn next to your work office into a perfect workout-spot. You can even do exercises with the fitness elastic at your office. Perfect for the leg abduction exercise; which can be performed easily from your desk chair. Just sling the band around your legs and get going. Add the fitness elastic to various glute and leg muscle exercises. This way you make it easier for yourself; it also makes it more challenging to exercise, even when you have a busy schedule. Moreover, they are a lot cheaper than a membership at a gym ;-)


Working out with too little or too much resistance

Our booty bands come in sets of 2, so you always have the perfect elastic for grabs. Do you use the lighter band, but want to give your workout a boost in the last minutes of your workout? Then quickly switch to the heavier version. Thanks to the handy 'click-and-go' clamp system, you lose little time when changing bands so you maintain muscle tension. You don't need much more than these sets of bands to train. They are suitable for all levels: from amateur to professional.

Result-oriented training

If you choose to add a fitness elastic to your exercises, you must of course do this in the right way. To state the obvious: a big ‘don't’ in this case is if you do not keep the fitness band properly tensioned. Because if you don’t, the elastic is of little use. So take care of muscle tension, fatigue and burning muscles. Let it burn!

Comfortable material

Using a fitness elastic is great because you can achieve results very quickly. Keep in mind that exercising should offer a certain level of comfort for skin and handling in general. At least so it does not distract you from gaining the results you are after. The most common gym bands are usually made of rubber, but they often roll up and cause skin irritation because the bands are tight. Even when wearing a sports legging, the pinching is annoying. That's why our resistance bands are made of an elastic fabric with an small inner layer of silicone. At first glance it may sound as a contradiction, but to get out of your comfort zone, you need comfortable tools. If you notice that you no longer enjoy exercising, usually it’s the beginning of the downfall and it is up to you to change this.

The perfect fitness elastic

Now that we've updated you on the do's and don'ts of fitness elastics, it's up to you to make the purchase of the elastic official. But, where do you find the perfect elastic? Right here, of course. Our booty bands are truly distinctive. Not only because of their perfect dimensions and resistance… But especially because of the unique closing clamp. We offer two sets of booty bands sporting elastics: the Booty Buckle and the Burning Buckle. These are two resistance bands that are perfect for training your lower body. They close with a unique system. You no longer have to interrupt your training, because you no longer have to work you way in. With our booty bands you make the perfect progression and you always have the right fitness elastic at hand. With our bands around your legs, a bubble butt is on the horizon!


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