Thousands of exercises that include an elastic can be found on the internet. We have made a selection for you to quickly get started with the most effective exercises. In addition to this selection, two more things are essential: perseverance, and the power of repetition. This is the way to quickly get more beautiful looking legs and buttocks. Do you feel your muscles burn during your workout and are you just barely able to hold up the number of repetitions? Nice! You are on the right track. The more you challenge specific muscle groups, the better trained they become, and thus will require to be challenged even more in order to keep growing. With these resistance band exercises you will certainly succeed. As the exercises become easier for you, you can choose to switch resistance bands to make the exercise harder, or you can stick with your current resistance band and increase the number of repetitions per set. Don't give up too quickly, you will soon notice the difference: you will become stronger and you will see that your legs and buttocks are tightening. Good for your body and for your confidence!


• Using a gymband and/or performing sporting or movements of any kind, is at your own risk.
• “The gymband that opens” webshop, selling points and or her rightful owners will not accept liability for injuries and/or damage occurred while usage.
• It is recommended that any user of a booty buckle gymband product is seen by a doctor for a health check or a medical examination.
• Products should only be used in a way that is described and shown in the instructions at the “gym band that opens” website.
• It is important to keep these sports items out of reach of children.  


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