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The Buckle Bunch

We are an energetic and athletic team that loves to be challenged. Our goal? To make sure you can work towards a great result. How? Of course by working hard (duh), but with a little bit of comfort. That comfort is found in the Booty Buckle. After a period of development, lots of testing and production, we are now on the market with this revolutionary product. And it's true: the Booty Buckle will make your training so much more enjoyable!

Let's agree that you will do your very best in the gym and we will make sure that our products will help you do it. Do we have a deal?


Since 2021 Dutch Sport Systems Pro (DSS Pro BV) is a challenging player on the market in the field of inventing and designing sports and fitness products. We offer a total solution for combining comfort and results in the sports world. Recent examples are the Booty Buckle and the Burning Buckle.

All our products are designed and tested by ourselves. The scientific research into safety has been done in a laboratory. In addition to our own production, we facilitate white and private label productions; thus, it is possible to include our products in your collection under your own name.

We welcome you to our website, but you can always contact us directly. Feel free to leave a message to get in touch with us.


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